Inmate Visitation

Onsite Visitation Hours and Rules

Updated: July 2021

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 3:15 pm

Visits/Contacts that are scheduled/created will be approved by staff Monday - Friday during business hours(excluding holidays).  Any items scheduled/created after business hours will be processed on the next business day. 

1. A visit may be denied or terminated under any of the following circumstance.

     a.  A visitor is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

     b.  Refusal by a visitor to submit to a search.

     c.  Failure to prevent children from disturbing other people in the lobby.

     d.  Inappropriate dress or conduct deemed by staff as disruptive.

     e.  Swearing, arguing or excessive noise will not be permitted.

     f.   Improper identification or lack of identification.

     g  The visitor is subject to or the subject of a no-contact order or a PPO with the inmate being visited.

     h. A visitor who fails to arrive and sign-in for their scheduled visit in the first 10 minutes will not be allowed to visit for that day.The system automatically cancels visits after 10 minutes and the visit will not be reset. Visitor(s) will be required to schedule for a different day.

     i. A visitor schedules a visit and fails to show for the scheduled visit, the visitor will not be allowed to schedule another

        onsite visit for thirty(30)days.

                  i)  Two (2) scheduled visits missed by a visitor, will result in a loss of onsite visitation for 60 days.

                  ii)  Three (3) scheduled visits missed by a visitor, will result in a loss of onsite visitation for 1 year.

2.   Special visits will be permitted for anyone after being sentenced to Michigan Department of Corrections (that has not been allowed a special visit already during this incarceration). Special visits will only be approved by having the inmate submit a written request to the Jail Administrator.  These visits will be no longer than sixty(60) minutes, all listed visitation rules must be followed.

3.   No tobacco products, bags, drinks, food, weapons or lighters will be permitted in the visitation area.

4.  No cell phones, cameras or recording devices will be allowed in the visitation area.

5.  All visitors seventeen (17) years old or under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with proper legal paperwork).

6.   Visitors twelve (12) years and over must have picture identification. School student ID’s are acceptable.

7.   All visitors must be appropriately dressed:  (no revealing clothing).

8.  One visit per week, for thirty (30) minutes, coordinated between all visitors on the inmate’s approved visitor list.

9.  All visits will be at the visitation kiosks.  This is a non-contact visitation.

10. All visitors are subject to a search prior to entering the visitation area.

11. Any visitor violating any of the posted visitation rules could be subject to a thirty (30) day or permanent loss of visitation.

Onsite visits must be pre-scheduled 24 hours in advance by calling the Wexford County Jail or visiting https://customer.cidnet.net.  Home User visits must be scheduled 48 hours in advance  ONLINE ONLY by visiting the website link above .


Inmates of the Wexford County Jail are allowed to send and receive mail. This will include publications and packaged mail from publishing organizations or agencies, providing it meets with the policy and procedures and correctional security guidelines.  Incoming mail must be postcard only and no larger than 4.25 in x 6.0 in.  Any post card received larger than this size will be returned to sender.   Postcards may be pre-printed with a photo on them, as long as it is not explicit or graphic in nature.

Legal correspondence from attorneys and courts
addressed to Inmates will be accepted.

Money Orders to be deposited into an inmate's account are to be mailed to:

Wexford County Jail
Attn:  Inmate Accounts
1015 Lincoln St.
Cadillac MI   49601

Make the Money Order payable to the Inmate

Administration has the Right to accept, reject, or modify and or all parts of this memorandum of policy