About Us
The Sheriff’s Office provides 24 hour public safety services that includes a Law Enforcement division, Corrections division, and Animal Control division. The department provides 24 hour emergency and non-emergency incident response, investigative services, traffic enforcement, drug and alcohol enforcement, school liaison services, the DARE program, and other community policing initiatives.

The department is staffed with approximately 55 employees and is responsible for criminal justice services; inmate care, custody, and control; animal control services; Marine, Snowmobile, and ORV patrol; and support services. Officers are also assigned to various teams such as the County Dive Team, Emergency Response Team, Crime Scene Technicians, Accident Investigators, and Fire Investigators.

The office is staffed by three clerical employees who are responsible for police reports, firearm registration and permit issuance, civil paper filings, inmate housing, fingerprinting, and accounting responsibilities.

The elected department head is Sheriff Trent J Taylor; Undersheriff Richard Doehring; Administrative Lieutenant Richard H. Denison II of the Uniform Law Enforcement Division; Jail Administrator Lieutenant Michael McDaniel of the Corrections Division, and Detective Lieutenant Marty Penney of the Detective Division.

Related Values
To accomplish our mission we will:
Respect the integrity and dignity of all individuals;
Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity and honesty in our pursuit of quality public service;
Be proactive and innovative problem solvers;
Commit to personal and organizational excellence through teamwork;
Provide fiscally responsible public safety services;
Attract, develop, motivate, and empower people who demonstrate professional competence, conduct, and courage;
Build and enhance relationships with other law enforcement and community-based agencies and organizations through mutual partnerships.
Mission Statement
To promote and protect the well being, safety, and security of all citizens in Wexford County.

History of the Sheriffs
1869-1870    No record
1871-1872     J. Sturr
1873-1874     E.D. Abbott
1875-1876     J. Shackleton
1877-1880     Frank Weaver
1881-1882     Charles Dunham
1883-1884     David E. Cook
1885-1888     Charles Dunham
1889-1892     W.L. Sturtevant
1893-1896     Charles Dunham
1897-1898     George Troy
1899-1902     No record
1903-1904     Silas Huckleberry
1905-1908     Edwin Paquette
1913-1914     No record
1915-1916     Louis Chamberlain
1917-1920     Arthur Christoffersen
1921-1924     Charles Nixon
1925-1928     Edward Bellman
1929-1936     Charles Nixon
1937-1938     Albert Rupers
1939-1958     Charles Osterberg
1959-1970     Paul Lance Jr.
1971-1976     Robert L. Hill
1977-1980     Harry Hagstrom
1981-1984     Ronald Jameson
1985-1992     Thomas McKeever
1993-2016     Gary A. Finstrom

2017-Pres     Trent J Taylor