Commissary Information (Inmate Store)

Commissary is offered to the inmate population on a daily basis, based on each inmate's current account balance.  All monetary deposits  for commissary must be made NO LATER than TUESDAY by 11:00pm.  The Commissary Order Forms are fulfilled and  processed, depicting available funds.    Effective January 2017, Inmate Commissary Orders are filled by a vendor (STELLAR) - Once an order is placed, it can not be cancelled.

Items available for purchase on the Commissary Order Form vary from shampoo and deodorant to envelopes, candy bars, and oatmeal.  The inmates choose the items they wish to purchase with Available Funds and the following day, the order is processed, deducting the cost of the order from their Available Funds.  Typically, the Commissary Order is delivered on Tuesday.   Days of service may vary based on Holidays and Staff Availability.

If an inmate places an order and is then released or transferred and the order HAS NOT been processed, the Order Form may be cancelled; however, if the Order HAS already been processed, the items will be held for up to 30 days for inmate or designee pick-up.

There are two types of Orders:  Regular and Indigent.  Most inmates with available funds qualify for the Regular Form, however, if there is ANY restriction on diet, they cannot order ANY food or beverage.  In order for an inmate to be considered Indigent, they must miss two Store Order Forms / Purchase of Snak Paks before being eligible on the 3rd Store Order Form.  Qualified Indigent Inmates may request to receive an Indigent Kit.  The cost of these items will be deducted from their accounts, even if it creates a negative balance.

Inmates are informed per the Rules & Regulations that sharing of items is a Major Misconduct, such as having money deposited into a cell-mate's account for another's purchase and/or use, to avoid correct processing of deposit.

Admission Kits & Supplemental Kits

Upon being booked into the jail and arraigned, an inmate may receive an Admission Kit and is eligible to request additional items from a Supplemental Kit, which includes one envelope.   The cost of these items will be deducted from their accounts, even if it creates a negative balance.  Each inmate may receive up to one of each kit per booking.

Snak PAKs

An inmate who has available funds may request to purchase a Snak PAK from a Corrections Officer.  A Snak PAK contains:  2 Snickers, 1 Jolly Rancher, 2 Punch Drink Mix packets, 2 Plain Chips.  Cost for a Snak PAK is $9.00.  A purchase of a Snak PAK cou
nts as a purchase in consideration for Indigent eligibility.  Price and items included are subject to change without notice.

Over-The-Counter Items

No items will be accepted over the counter, such as socks, books, letters, etc.  Medication may be accepted when pre-approved by the Jail Sergeant and/or medical staff.  All postcards must be sent via US Mail to the Inmate at:  Wexford County Jail, INMATE NAME, 1015 Lincoln St., Cadillac MI  49601.  Do not spray perfume on the postcard.

Phone Calls

We are now through a company called CIDNET.  If you are having problems receiving calls from an inmate housed in the Wexford County Jail, please call 1-888-984-1903.
This contact is NOT through the Wexford County Sheriff's Office or Jail - contact CIDNET directly for information.

Send Money to an Inmate's Account by Credit Card
Jail ATM

You can send money by Jail ATM or a Credit / Debit Card and have the money deposited into a current inmate's account.  Information must be entered EXACTLY.

Using Jail ATM:
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


   On Line:   http://www.jailatm.com/

     1.  Have your Credit or Debit Card available
     2.  You need the Inmate's Name, Number, and the Location

If you have any questions, please contact:

Commissary Questions (M-F, 8-4):   231-779-9217 (excluding holidays)
Inmate - Jail Questions:    231-779-9217
Inmate Account Questions (M-F, 8-4):  231-779-9217