State Booking Fee
Effective August 1, 2003, each person booked into jail is required to pay a $12.00 State Booking Fee to the County Sheriff prior to release.  Failure to pay the state booking fee as prescribed, may result in a Civil Infraction citation (ticket) issued at release.  Failure to pay the $12.00 within 48 hours of release may result in the issuance of a Warrant and/or a $100-plus fine, plus costs.

Booking Fee payment may be paid in exact cash at the Wexford County Sheriff's Office & Jail, 24-hours a day.  Also, if an inmate receives a deposit into his/her account and the Booking Fee is outstanding, the Booking Fee will be the first transaction withdrawn from this deposit.

If an inmate who has paid the State Booking Fee is later found Not Guilty on all charges or charges were dropped, they may petition for a refund of the $12.00 fee paid upon following the proper procedure.  The required form is available at the Sheriff's Office and Jail.  Once all requirements are met, a check will be issued within the next week, approximately, and mailed to the inmate.
Housing/Medical Fees
Michigan Public Act 118 of 1984 allows that County Jails may seek reimbursement for housing and expenses (including any period of pretrial detention) from sentenced inmates.  This Act also allows that "Good Time" may be withheld from inmates who do not cooperate in reimbursement of housing fees and that the County may utilize the Court System or a Collection Agency to seek payment of past due fees.  An adverse effect may result on an inmate's credit reference for as long as seven years.  The terms of Public Act 118, 1984, have been adopted by the Wexford County Sheriff's office; therefore, the County of Wexford, through a Resolution passed by the Wexford County Board of Commissioners shall collect housing fees as determined.

The County Jail reserves the right to withdraw at least half of the amount deposited into an inmate's account if housing and/or medical fees are owed; occasionally, all but $2.00 may be withdrawn in the instance where a inmate returns to jail who made no payments on his/her Outstanding Balance since prior release.

If money is owed upon release from jail, the inmate is strongly advised to contact the Inmate Account department and make agreed upon payment arrangements by calling (231) 779-9223, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, excluding holidays.
Money to an Inmate's Account by Credit Card

Using JAILATM.com:

Visit www.jailatm.com to deposit funds to an Inmates Commissary Account.

All you need:
     1.  Have your Credit or Debit Card available, and follow the steps to set up an account.

Bond Payments:

     1. Please call the Corrections Division prior to paying bond.  Phone: 231-779-9216, option 3.



Payments can be mailed directly to:
Wexford County Sheriff's Office
Attn:  Inmate Accounts
1015 Lincoln St.
Cadillac MI  49601

Please include a note stating to who's account the payment is to be applied.