Corrections Staff

David Batten: Sergeant

James Bowen

D'Artagnan Dershem

Junior Espino

Raymond Griswold

Angela Hirsch

Adam Hladilek

Kayla Kunkel

Skylar Miller

Jessie Ochalek

Nathan Paquin

Paul Paten

Timothy Pechota

Jared Renshaw

Anthony Rowell: Sergeant

Ryan Rummler

Anthony Vermeulen: Sergeant

James Yager

Duane Zeestraten

Jail Administrator
Contact Information
Wexford County Jail Phone: 231-779-9217
Wexford County Jail FAX: 231-779-5498
Inmate Accounts - Housing/Medical: 231-779-9217 (M-F, 8-4)
Inmate Commissary: 231-779-9217 (M-F, 8-4)

* NOTE:  All money must be deposited by NOON on Tuesdays to be available for Commissary Order for inmates housed in the Wexford County Jail.